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Let Your Customers Say It For You!

Let’s say a potential customer has found you through a promotional video in the awareness stage of the video marketing funnel, you’ve gotten them excited about your product or service with an explainer video in the consideration stage of the funnel, and now you want to convert them into an actual paying customer. What do you do? Easy — Let your existing customers tell them how wonderful you are!

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Every Video Has A Job To Do

A saying we like to use around here is “Every video has a job to do.” What we mean by this is that there should be clearly defined intent behind each and every video you make. And each video should fit into one of the four stages of the video marketing funnel: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Retention. But one video size does not fit all, so let’s talk about which types of video fit best, or do the best job, for each step of the customer journey.

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3 Types Of Business Video You Should Create

Businesses have been adopting video more over the past several years, but few have been producing the right kind of video content to aid their marketing efforts. But what is the right kind of video? What types of video content should you be using to market your business? And is it something you’re capable of doing on your own? Lucky for you we have the answers to your burning questions.

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