Event Recap Videos

It takes months or more to plan out a well-organized event. You want all of that hard work to live on well past the duration of the event. After your event ends, a recap video keeps the buzz alive!


A good event recap video captures the essence of an event. It’s basically your events own personal hype video that shows the people, sights, sounds, and energy of your event. Although recap videos are shown after an event, you should start thinking about them way before the event even starts. You should know exactly what footage you need heading into an event and give yourself the opportunity to acquire as much as possible!

BDP 2018 Global Management Meeting Recap by AJI Media

Use an array of clips with quick cuts and lively music to increase your video’s energy. Include as many attendees as you can in your recap video. People are much more likely to share a video if they are in it. Push it across all of your social media channels and try to get as many shares as possible. Those that are sharing will typically be in your target audience - so it’s a great way to spread your business and brand to those with similar buyer personas. Not to mention, recaps create FOMO, or fear of missing out, for people who didn’t attend AND it gets those who did attend excited for next year.

You’ll be able to replicate those emotions again when they see the recap video being used to promote the event the following year - which in return - will help drive up your attendance. You really can’t go wrong with putting in the extra effort that’ll give your event an ever-lasting life. It’ll only help you, your event, and your business in the long run!

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