Event Teaser Videos

If an event flops, it’s most likely because it wasn’t promoted well enough beforehand. One of the main attendance-boosting things you can do for an event is to create a teaser video that lives up to the hype of your event.


An event teaser is more than just showing what your event is about. It’s about inspiring the person watching to want to attend your event. Play on your audience’s fear of missing out. Make them want to be there. A great way to do this is by showing footage from a previous year of people having a great time, or people doing something that is unique to your event, or whatever it is that gets your particular audience inspired.

Gold Cup Teaser by AJI Media

When creating an event teaser video, give important general info about the event and add in a call to action! Lead the viewers to your website or social media to get more information. Event teasers can be extremely effective on Facebook event pages. You can gain extra attendees through the automatic reminder notifications Facebook sends to those who have simply marked “interested” on the event.

Event teaser videos are a quick, but incredibly effective, way to generate more interest and increase registrations for your next event.

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