How to Engage Your Audience

So you’re finally ready to post that video you’ve been working so hard on to your social media platforms. The last thing you want is for your viewers to keep scrolling and leave all your hard work in the virtual-dust behind them.


It’s one thing to get your audience to watch your video, it’s another to get them to engage with your video. If your posting your video to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or any other social platform - the comment section can and should be your best friend. This is where you can have direct communication with your viewers and potential customers.

You can use the comment section to start to build a relationship with them. Here are a couple examples:

  • If you notice you’re not getting a lot of interaction organically, you can try to ask the viewers a question in your caption to get the conversation started.

  • If someone tagged someone else on your post, you can jump in on the discussion they’re already having.

However, engaging your audience doesn’t always have to be done through direct communication. If you’re writing a blog or are posting to your website, try to link to other videos or pages on your site to get the viewer to dive deeper into your content.

If you’re engaging them successfully, it should pull the viewer in enough for them to want to keep coming back and maybe they’ll give you a repost, or a follow, or even better they’ll reach out to you directly to discuss the content your producing, which will give you the opportunity to build a relationship and trust with the individual.

Every engagement opportunity is crucial because it’s ultimately what helps you build your company and your brand.

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