Internal Training Videos

If you asked managers to sum up some of their most difficult tasks, you’d probably hear about “on-boarding” and “delegating.” So let’s talk about a type of video that communicates new or detailed information in a step-by-step way for the people within your organization.


Because these training videos are for intended for internal use at your company, feel free to strip your script of unnecessary contextual information. You should focus on the specific processes involved in performing a task, along with any potential dangers or pitfalls.

These videos are teaching tools designed to give the viewer careful, detailed information without requiring one-on-one help from you or another busy person within your organization.

Storyboarding (or drawing simple, sequential pictures of key shots in your video) can be incredibly effective for training videos. Envision exactly how you’d like to show each step of a task and make sure you’re communicating ideas clearly.

And remember, practice makes perfect!

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