Let Your Customers Say It For You!

Let’s say a potential customer has found you through a promotional video in the awareness stage of the video marketing funnel, you’ve gotten them excited about your product or service with an explainer video in the consideration stage of the funnel, and now you want to convert them into an actual paying customer. What do you do? Easy — Let your existing customers tell them how wonderful you are!


There’s no better way to evangelize a product or service than with a real-life customer success story! Think about it: when you’re about to buy a product like a new TV or piece of furniture, what do you do? You read customer reviews on Amazon or elsewhere on the internet. You want to know how other people feel about the product before you spend your hard-earned cash, right?

Well, your customers want to do the same. They want to learn about others’ experiences with your product. Enter: The Testimonial or Case Study Video. 

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are basically the visual representation of an online review from a satisfied customer. This type of video can be professionally produced or as simple as asking one of your customers to speak into the front facing camera of their smart phone. This can be highly effective as viewers can see it’s unedited and completely real and authenticity is the main goal here.

A Better Financial Plan Testimonials by AJI Media

Case Study Videos

Case studies are usually short films that closely resemble a company story only with your customer as the main character, and your company the loyal sidekick. They tend to be more data-driven and seen more in the B2B space. In their most basic form, they tell the story of “problem / solution”. You should put maximum effort and budget into these videos. They play a huge role in bringing in new business and you want to look impressive.

BDP & FMC Case Study by AJI Media

Things to Consider:

Both types of videos continue telling your story, but from your customers’ perspective. They provide real world insight and not only show the “what” of your product, but also the “how.” 

  • HOW did they specifically use your product in their environment?

  • HOW did your product specifically solve their problem?

  • HOW is your product better than what they previously used?

  • HOW were their expectations met?

By providing answers to these questions and providing real life success stories, you are more likely to convince your prospect to make a purchase.

When considering which customer to ask for your case study or testimonial video, consider these things:

  • It might be best to ask a long-term customer as they already have extensive experience with your product and would be best prepared to speak in a positive manner.

  • Select someone who you think would be comfortable in front of the camera, and someone who would come across as trustworthy.

  • On filming day, make sure you are ready when they arrive. Since you’re taking time out of their busy schedule, you want to get them in, get them out and get them on with their lives!

These types of videos can be used anywhere, but you will definitely want to include them on your website and across your social media channels. You can even try running a Facebook carousel ad that features several customer testimonials. 


The bottom line is, the people who are getting ready to buy your product or service want to hear from those who have already experienced it. They’re looking for more than the traditional promotional materials: they’re ready for a real world story right from the mouths of your customers (with a little help from you, of course!)

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