Presentation and Lecture Recordings

Anytime you’re presenting to an audience, make sure you have a video camera there to capture it! Presentation and lecture recordings can extend far beyond your in-room audience while also positioning you as a thought leader in your industry.


Presentation and lecture recordings are a great tool to make your audience feel connected to you from afar. Your audience can range from your employees, to your customers, to business partners. They are a great way to share meetings, deep-dive talks, training sessions, and more.

These types of videos provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your knowledge and leadership in your industry. The recordings can be used in many different fashions. You can segment the content and slowly leak out the clips as a social media series - or you can go the opposite route and require a small charge or subscription for viewers to obtain the recordings.

During lectures, it’s inevitable that viewers will miss some of the information, and that’s a big deal because your message is important! By having a recording that attendees can revisit - you’ll provide them with great value and keep them coming back to you for more.

Let’s face it, creating an awesome presentation requires a ton of effort, so why not maximize the impact of all that hard work by filming it?

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