Recruitment Videos

In any competitive industry, it’s difficult to hire and hold onto the best employees. Using video to bolster a job listing will get you more response and increase chances your hire will be a good fit. Recruitment video makes getting top talent that much easier!


Recruitment videos give you the opportunity to showcase your culture and provides a first-person perspective of working for your company. Let your employees tell their own genuine stories to show what is appealing about your work environment. Include any unique benefits that make you stand out from others in your industry. Also, make sure to clearly communicate what will be required of an employee working at your business. Don’t shy away from what makes the job hard!

According to CareerBuilder, online job listings that include a recruitment video get 12% more views than those without, and have a 34% higher application rate.

Talking about ALL aspects of the job will help eliminate applicants that don’t fit. You’ll obviously use these videos on your job posting pages, but you can also extend their use to your LinkedIn, and other social media profiles to increase the chances of reaching the perfect candidate.

Having these videos to your social media will also allow others to share the video with people they think would be great fit, and bring forward even more hidden talent.

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