Thank You Videos

How great is it to feel appreciated? Everyone loves to be recognized and, on top of that, it feels good. When you make someone feel appreciated, it stays with them and makes them want to continue to help your cause. You can give your customers this feeling very simply through Thank You videos.


When you let customers know you are grateful for them not just for purchasing from you, but for joining your brand in its mission, you have the chance to create a strong emotional connection. Thank you videos are great at initiating an emotional connection with someone who has chosen to involve themselves with your business.

These videos are going to be the first thing someone sees after making a donation, registering themselves to an event, after purchasing a special item, or wherever else you may see fit. But pick strategic spots to use these videos and deploy them to your audience in ways that show how vital their involvement is to your mission.

It’s a great time to highlight and utilize your company’s mission statement, core values, and culture and how your consumers play into meeting the goals of each of these. They’ll be more likely to buy, donate, or register again knowing how their contribution is making a difference.

But most importantly, be sincere. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to save world hunger or to just keep the production line running, make it clear to the viewer that you guys are in it together and without them, nothing would be possible.

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