View Count vs Watch Rate

Do you know the difference between your videos view count and watch rate? Are you sure? They are two of the key methods used to measure your videos performance, but are also two of the most commonly confused methods.


Everyone knows your video view count shows you how many individual views the video has. What a lot of people don’t know is that does not mean all of those viewers have watched the entire video.

For example, Youtube requires 30 seconds of viewing a video to be counted as a “view” and on Facebook a video only needs to be viewed a minimal 3 seconds to count. So while it’s great to know the overall popularity of your video, your views don’t necessarily mean your audience is getting all of the information that you want them to.

This is where your video’s watch rate comes into play. The watch rate measures how much of your video people actually watch. This allows you to see if your audience stops watching before you’ve gotten your main message across. It also allows you to see if there’s a trend where people stop watching at a particular part in your video. This might mean you need a better attention grabber or you may have a boring lull in the video that you want to avoid in the future.This also allows you to see what length of videos your audience responds to best.

Typically, shorter videos are more likely to be watched till the end, but you may find a different sweet spot with your particular audience. These two factors can show you a drastic difference in your videos reach vs your videos overall effectiveness.

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