Make the world a little bit smaller.

Our portable systems blend multiple HD cameras with high resolution screen-casts (including live demos and presentations) in real time. We stream to industry leading platforms such as Facebook Live, Ustream, YouTube, etc., and have also developed our own private streaming platform which allows for custom branding, lead capture and analytics.


Town Halls
Livestreaming makes it easy to connect with everyone within your organization no matter where they are in the world. It’s fast, effective and most importantly, cost effective.


CME Training
Online courses make it easy to learn from world renowned experts, which benefits the medical community on a whole. In addition, live broadcasts can also be recorded to generate income after the event.

Product Launches
Live webcasts are an important part of product promotion strategies. Invite your audience to learn more about your product while collecting valuable leads. 

Livestreaming allows everyone, regardless of location, to attend one of the most memorable days in a student’s life. It can also be used to overcome limited seating capacities by broadcasting to overflow spaces.