Profile Video - $2,995*


Perfect for small businesses



Whether you’re promoting a product or service, telling your company story, or recruiting new employees – our fixed price profile video will help you deliver that message on time and budget!

Creative, artful, and generally of a high production value, this type of video leverages the power of visual storytelling to inspire your audience to take action.

What's Included

Pre-Production Call

1 Videographer

4hrs On-Location Filming

Equipment Rental

Up to 3 Minutes of Finished Video

Basic Graphics

Royalty-Free Music

1 Round of Revisions

Online Review

Available Upgrades

Concept Development



Extended Shoot Time



Extended Video Length


Social Media Optimization


*Make it a bundle - Order 4 or more Profile Videos and receive a 15% discount on the total of your order (including upgrades).


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How it Works

After placing your order we will send you an estimate including any additional items that you may have requested. Once accepted, we will schedule a pre-production call to learn about your video concept and let you know what to expect on filming day. When the day comes, our videographer will promptly arrive at your location and require 30-minutes to scout the location and set up the equipment. You will have 3 hours to capture interviews and B-roll and our videographer will need another 30-minutes to break down the equipment and exit your location. Our editors will then craft a compelling narrative that represents your vision in the best way possible. Within two weeks we will send you a review link to view the first cut of the video and allow you to request revisions. Once approved, you will receive a link to download the final version of the video.



Featured Upgrades:


Social Media Optimization

The days of uploading a video to YouTube and then sharing that link across your social media channels are gone. Social channels are designed to keep users from leaving their platforms and therefore favor direct uploads. With the volume of video increasing across all social channels, it’s important to understand how these channels work to ensure your video stands out. Our social media optimization process includes a custom thumbnail that’s designed to quickly grab the viewers attention while scrolling, on-screen captions for viewers who have their sound turned off, and three versions of the video (horizontal, square and vertical) to natively integrate with platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.




If your product or service is abstract or technical in nature, you might want to consider using animation in your next marketing video. Animation can be used to help viewers visualize important information such as complex concepts or detailed facts and figures. Animation is fun and engaging and therefore more memorable. You can use it to highlight key points in a live-action video or create an entire video solely with animation (such as an animated explainer video). The bottom line is animation can help you boil your product or service down to its essence, give your company credibility, and ultimately inspire your audience to make a purchasing decision.

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