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Brand Films

A Brand Film tells your story, engages your audience and connects them to your message. By allowing the viewer to experience a product or service through story, we empower them to make a decision they believe in. 

We start with "why?" to find out how your brand was born, what inspired you to create the company and what makes your solutions different then the competitors.

Event video is about much more than the cameras and screens in the room. It’s a holistic experience that starts well before the event and lives on to engage future audiences for years to come.

We work with you to create an event video content plan, which can include an event teaser, event video content, complete meeting and event coverage, and an engaging recap video for your video marketing campaign. 


Event Video


Social Media Videos

Let's face it, video is taking over the world, or at least the internet. Companies who fail to embrace video are at risk of becoming irrelevant. While artful brand films have their place, they do take some time to produce. 

Social media videos need to be fast and constant to keep your audience engaged. Whether it's helping you produce your own video content or coming up with a monthly plan to produce videos at scale, we are here to help.

AJI Media is a pleasure to work with, and they always offer ideas to make the final project better. Their customer service has been impeccable, and they’re my go-to video production company because I know the project will run smoothly from start to finish.
— Michelle Eckert, The Wharton School


Company Profiles
Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to market your brand and create a personal bond with your viewer by introducing them to the people and values that define your culture.

Product Overviews
If you want your video to resonate, it should be about more than just the product. Motivate your customers to make a decision they believe in with a great story. 

Success Stories
Make your customer the main character, with your company serving as the supporting character that offers the tools to help them create successful resolutions. 

Presentation Videos
Story prevails over text and statistics; make your presentations memorable by keeping your audience focused on your message.



Event Teasers
One of the most effective ways to promote your event is with video. Generate more interest and increase registrations with an engaging teaser video.

Event Content
From opening keynote videos to customer testimonials or motion graphics, use video content to help add some oomph to your next event.

Presentation Capture
Typically comprised of video and PowerPoint in a Picture-in-Picture layout, this approach is perfect for sharing meetings, lectures, training sessions and more.

Event Recaps
Not only can a recap video show a warmer side of your organization or position your brand as a trusted industry advisor, it can also promote future events.